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In today's world, taking care of your dog can be a challenge.

You need to keep you dog groomed and cleaned, but there's a problem...

At Primped & Pawlished, we know how you feel. That's why we bring the dog spa to you, keeping your pet groomed and healthy on your time.

Give your dog (and yourself) the Primped & Pawlished experience:

Jack - Primped

Here's why using a mobile groomer like us makes all the difference...

Keep your dog groomed, clean, and happy with a mobile groomer who treats them the way you do - like family.

Here's what your neighbors think of Primped & Pawlished:

Primped and Pawlished Mobile Grooming is amazing! My small breed dog can be nervous around people, but not with Raychel! My dog looks amazing and smells so good! Primped and Pawlished is professional and keeps on schedule!

- Audrey Blank

Raychel is an impeccable groomer. She is very patient and sweet to all her furry clients. She even sings songs to them so they feel right at home.

- Norrie's Ark

We love this groomer! I’ve had so many other groomers refuse to clip my dog’s nails. Raychel gets them done every time! My dog always smells so good and her hair looks cute after a visit from Raychel. It’s so nice to have it done here at home too!

- Ashley Garcia

Your dog deserves to be primped and pawlished!

Here's what we offer:

Full Service Bath

Full Service Groom

Additional Services:

$20 addition to Full Service.

Specially formulated Shampoo and Conditioner system proven to reduce shedding. Additional brush out with specific de-shedding tools according to breed coat.


Medicated shampoo for irritated/inflamed skin.



Teeth are brushed with an enzymatic toothpaste that is a natural antibacterial to inhibit the formation of plaque. After brushing, an enzymatic, antibacterial oral spray is used to reduce bad breath

The easy way to keep your dog groomed and happy:


Request an Appointment.


We'll Come to You.


Get a Clean & Happy Dog.

Meet your Groomer:

Hi! I'm Raychel!

I have been working in the grooming industry for almost 10 years. I was trained under a mentor with 30+ years of grooming experience. There I completed courses for Grooming Safety, Pet First Aid Care, Pet Nutrition and Dog Grooming. Soon after, I began working for a mobile grooming company and I fell in love with the mobile concept. I loved it so much I decided to open my own business!

I currently have two small dogs, (my little superstars on the company logo) and 3 cats. Being a pet owner myself, I truly understand how important our fur babies are!

I love each and every one of my furry customers…and their humans, of course! Mobile grooming gives me the opportunity to build a special relationship with my clients and their pets. It is important to me that my clients feel comfortable leaving their pets with someone they know and trust.

Please call if you have any questions! I look forward to meeting you and your pet!